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This is our Logo with a cute black dog with a bow


        I am Trish Stafford and it has been my dream for a long time to have a personalized gift business.  In 1996 our family moved to historic Deland, Florida from Fort Lauderdale. Deland is located between Orlando and Daytona in the middle of Florida.  Living in a small town was a real adjustment.  We love living here.  We have made wonderful, strong friendships and have adjusted to living in a small town remarkably well.   The only problem with living in a small town is that many of the things we really like are not available here.  So we decided to do something about it.

       My sister (Paula) and I grew up in Kansas City and our grandparents had a farm about an hour outside of the city. Our family was very close and we spent much our childhood on the farm with our grandparents. Grandma was a fantastic cook, a great seamstress and did all kinds of crafts and projects.  I spent endless hours learning how to sew and keeping her company.  When I was about a year old my parents got us a Scotty.  Tina, was my first Scotty and my childhood companion.  I dressed her up, applied makeup on her and she even accompanied me to the farm.  

        Our logo is a Scotty because of Tina and my next Scotty Max.  My friend Lynne says when she thinks of me she thinks of Scotties and Pink!  So our logo was born.  The name Doodlz came to us on a rainy road trip after I’d bought an embroidery machine with money I had inherited from my grandparents.  Our last name started with a Z.  That’s why Doodlz ends in a Z and there is a heart around the Scotties neck with a Z on it.       

       My family is in the home furnishings business and we have all worked together for years.  In the last few years it has been my dream to have a company of unique, custom products.  Paula and I have worked together since I graduated from college.  I wouldn’t dream of having a business without her.  So we created Doodlz Designz. 

       Doodlz has all kinds of unique and special products gifts.  We love taking everyday items and making them special by personalizing them!  My mother in law, Lucy moved to Deland a few years ago and now works with us in the shop.  We are truly a family affair and we all enjoy building Doodlz together. 


Hey if it’s not mongramed, is it really yours?  Come see us, we can’t wait to meet you on your INITIAL visit!




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